Artists News İlayda Alişan gets very carried away when she falls in love!

İlayda Alişan gets very carried away when she falls in love!


İlayda Alişan, who took the lead role in the Kanal D TV series Seversin (You Like), had a very successful TV series couple with Burak Yörük. Two young actors participated in the program on Onedio’s youtube channel and attracted attention with their answers to the questions asked.

When asked what they would do if the person he fell in love with was asked to vouch for the bank loan, the words of the couple were surprised. In particular, İlayda Alişan revealed that when she falls in love, she is completely immersed in the event and can do anything.

İlayda Alişan said, “I can build on my house, my car, whatever I have. I’ll do it,” she said. The young actress stated that not only the person she fell in love with, but also her friend could vouch for the bank loan. Burak Yörük also said that his loved one can be a guarantor for the bank loan, but he would not prefer to be a guarantor for his friend’s bank loan.

Upon these words of Burak Yörük, İlayda Alişan said the following words that put her partner in trouble: “Would you mind if I asked for a guarantor if I needed something?”

Burak Yörük did not want to answer and dismissed the question by saying “Let’s talk later”. Ilayda Alişan, on the other hand, put her partner in an even more difficult situation by saying, “I would be with you, Burak.” The fun moments of the duo also made the audience laugh a lot.

Burak Yörük stated that he would go abroad with him against İlayda Alişan, who stated that she could not accept her lover’s request if she wanted to go abroad.

İlayda Alişan said, “It is a difficult question. It depends on my circumstances, but I wouldn’t want to leave my family,” she said.

Burak Yörük, on the other hand, stated that he felt under pressure because he had a girlfriend, and if he had not, perhaps he would have given a different answer.

Both young actors stated that being very active on social media makes them uncomfortable and that they should have a private life and not everything should be taken into consideration.