İlayda Alişan, the lead role of the Seversin series, shared farewell, surprising everyone!
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4 February 2023 09:57


İlayda Alişan, the lead role of the Seversin series, shared farewell, surprising everyone!

Seversin (You Like) series, which was broadcast on Kanal D screens, started to be broadcast on the summer screen as a romantic comedy production.

With the highly acclaimed partnership of İlayda Alişan and Burak Yörük, the series has a loyal audience. A sharing about the Seversin series, which was broadcast on Wednesday evenings, caused excitement!

The viewers, who tried to get information from social media about whether the series will continue in the new season, were very surprised when they saw a tearful photo of İlayda Alişan on her instagram page.

Those who enjoy watching Asya and Tolga’s romantic love stories every week thought that the series would end after this farewell post.

But the situation was very different! İlayda Alişan amazes the audience in a romantic comedy series this time after her rapid debut in the series Masumiyet (Innocence). The young actress became a popular screen partner with Burak Yörük, with whom she got along well behind the camera as well as in front of the camera.

The 15th episode of the channel’s series, which has been on the screen all summer, will be broadcast on Wednesday, September 7 this week. It is known from the trailer that the 15th episode of the series, which has not been changed yet, is not the finale.

The 15th episode, which will be broadcast on its usual day with the phrase ‘new episode’. But with this episode, there will be some changes in the series! Director Serdar Gözelekli, who shot the series from the first episode, left the project!

İlayda Alişan’s farewell also included a frame from the last day of director Gözelekli on the set and her emotional words to him.

İlayda Alişan could not control her emotions at the time she hugged Director Serdar Gözelekli, who said goodbye to all the crew and actors after the last scene of the 15th episode was filmed.

The young actress said to Gözelekli, “My teacher, how difficult it is to say goodbye. Thank you for every gleam in your eyes, your heart, what you teach, and how you embrace it with your warm heart every morning. And now I embrace you with my love. May your way be clear,” she said goodbye.

This emotional farewell of İlayda Alişan was initially tired of the series’ finale, but later it was understood that the Seversin series continued on its way and Gözelekli left the project.

There is no final situation for Seversin, which will continue in the new season with the new director.

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