Series News İlayda Çevik crashed into the second season of the TV series Aldatmak like a nightmare!

İlayda Çevik crashed into the second season of the TV series Aldatmak like a nightmare!


İlayda Çevik, known for her successful performances and improving herself by taking part in important projects, joined the cast of the TV series Aldatmak (Deception), which was broadcast on ATV in the new period.

One of the new characters of the series, which brings together very experienced names such as Vahide Gördüm, Ercan Kesal and Mustafa Uğurlu, was entrusted to İlayda Çevik.

The Aldatmak series, which achieved slightly above average ratings in the Thursday competition and managed to bring its own audience to the screen, has a strong story.

İlayda Çevik also appeared before the audience with a brand new role in this influential series project. The actress who plays the character of Sezai’s daughter İpek is a character who comes from Canada and adds color to the series with her shine…

The actress said, “I am also very excited. I started a great journey with a great team. “I hope it will be a great season,” she said. Talking about the character of İpek, whom she plays, the actress said, “She is a very colorful personality, I don’t want to give any clues, but she is a very exciting character.”

İpek entered the story with great ambition. Güzide has no intention of getting out of this story without making her family pay for what they did. In the second season of the TV series Aldatmak, İpek’s lies and games will drive the audience crazy.

İlayda Çevik takes part in such a challenging role and works hard to make the viewers experience different emotions on the screen.

The games played by the character İpek continue to raise questions in the minds of the audience. It must be said that İlayda Çevik added great color to the story of the series.

Of course, in the comments of the audience on social media, there are also evaluations that İpek collapsed into the story of the series like a nightmare.

Berkay Ateş was again one of the important names who participated in the second season of the Aldatmak series.

The actor said, “It is exciting to act with such a cast. “With a strong cast and a good scriptwriter, I hope it will be a good season,” he said.