Artists News İlhan Şen is experiencing another career leap with another successful performance!

İlhan Şen is experiencing another career leap with another successful performance!


İlhan Şen’s fans are very pleased with his performance in the Safir (Sapphire) series. İlhan Şen, who stands out as the leading actor of the series, has experienced a very rapid career leap in recent years.

The actor, who was born in 1987, stepped into the industry in 2018 with the TV series Mehmet Bir Cihan Fatihi. Then, he gained experience in the TV series Şahin Tepesi. The role that made İlhan Şen attract attention was the character of Ferman in the project Eşkıya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz.

The actor, who made a strong career debut with the character of Ferman in 2019, also did a very good job with the TV series Ramo, for which he was known by the masses.

Although the character of the psychopath Neco in the Ramo series was short-lived in the story, this role was one of the most important turning points in İlhan Şen’s career.

İlhan Şen, who starred in 42 episodes of the TV series Aşk Mantık İntikam with Burcu Özberk, made the most important breakthrough of his career with this romantic comedy production, which was sold to many countries around the world.

İlhan Şen, who attracted even more attention from the producers after this project, started to appear on the screen again in the new season with the project named Safir, after the short-lived TV series Sevmek Zamanı.

The actor we are watching with the character of Ateş Gülsoy is in the leading role with Özge Yağız and Burak Berkay Akgül.

While İlhan Şen’s fans like the character Ateş very much, they often share posts expressing their support on social media. It does not go unnoticed that İlhan Şen’s series continues to receive very good ratings in the Monday competition.

Safir series, which continues to be shot in the magnificent environment of Cappadocia, appears to be a production that draws a stable graphic in the new season and increases its audience every week.

İlhan Şen is also appreciated by his fans with his performance and he has a major share in the Safir series achieving above average ratings.

It is possible to understand from the increase in ratings that the steps taken by the team regarding the scenario by paying attention to audience criticism were reflected positively.