Artists News Ilker Kaleli gave the green light to return to TV series, but he has one reservation!

Ilker Kaleli gave the green light to return to TV series, but he has one reservation!


Famous Actor İlker Kaleli came to the screen with the TV series Öğretmen (meaning: Teacher), which was last broadcast on Fox TV.

The series, which started ambitious, unfortunately did not see the expected attention. It was a series that attracted the attention of the audience with its different story and aroused great curiosity, but it could not find a place for itself in the season and only 9 episodes could be broadcast.

Ilker Kaleli, who attracted great attention with his Poyraz Karayel series, grew his fan base after this series. İlker Kaleli has not been on the screen for a long time after the Öğretmen series. The actor recently appeared at an award ceremony.

İlker Kaleli, who received the “Living TV Series Legend” award at the award ceremony organized by the Istanbul Kültür University Career Club, experienced the happiness of receiving such an award from the young people. Stating that he also studied Art Management at the same university, the actress also emphasized that being in this award ceremony made his feel nostalgic.

In the meantime, upon the questions received, the actor stated that he was in talks about the series projects, but that there was no business that he was in yet. After these words, it seems a little difficult for the actor, who has studied the scenarios meticulously, to return to the screen now.

However, of course, the actor gives the signal that he will return if there is a project he likes, and he expressed his desire to return to the sets by saying “I hope we will meet again soon”.

By the way, the actor underlined that the projects made for television are a bit of a problem, especially touched on the long working hours and said, “I see that the television business is in trouble. The subject is actually very long, the screenwriter gets tired separately, the team gets tired separately. It’s getting harder and harder to come up with something of quality. It also has a way of making it. Actually, the place is not very important for me. I will come back with works that we believe in, feel, believe in character.” he said.

İlker Kaleli, like many actors, emphasizes long TV hours. The actor states that both the actors and the technical team are tired and it is getting harder to come up with a qualified job.

These disadvantages in television series are the reason why many actors turn to digital series as well. İlker Kaleli also seems to be scrutinizing on this subject…