İlker Kaleli, the policeman of Poyraz Karayel, will surprise you with his new project!
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26 November 2022 19:12


İlker Kaleli, the policeman of Poyraz Karayel, will surprise you with his new project!

Successful actor İlker Kaleli takes part in very few projects, but every project he takes part in makes a name for himself. Kaleli, who has not been seen on the screen for a long time, is preparing to meet her fans with a very different project.

The 37-year-old actress studied acting in London. He first started acting in the TV series Son in 2012, where he acted as a supporting actor. He had the opportunity to show his acting performance with his second series Kayıp Şehir and made his debut.

İlker Kaleli made his biggest debut with the series Poyraz Karayel, which he shot after Kayıp Şehir, in which he took a role after Kayıp Şehir. The talented actor, who shares the lead role with Burçin Terzioğlu in the series, managed to make her name known not only in Turkey but also abroad with the character of Poyraz.

The Fox TV series Öğretmen, in which İlker Kaleli played the last role, made the final with its ninth episode after getting bad results from the ratings. Kaleli, who speaks English very well, starred in the Netflix series The Serpent, which was a big hit when it was broadcast.

Kaleli played Vitali, one of the Turkish victims of the murderer, in the TV series starring Tahar Rahim and depicting the life of a serial killer living in the 1970s. Although İlker Kaleli did not appear much in the series, it was an important step for his career.

His fans can’t wait to see İlker Kaleli in a new project. However, the handsome actor is preparing to meet his fans with a very different project. İlker Kaleli, who is also a musician, is preparing to accompany his girlfriend, singer Sıla, in a song for a while. İlker Kaleli will support a song by Duman on his new album by playing acoustic and electric guitars.

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