I'm handsome in every way poses from Burak Özçivit!..
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1 February 2023 21:11


I’m handsome in every way poses from Burak Özçivit!..

Burak Özçivit, the successful actor who gave life to the character of ‘Osman Bey’ in the popular TV series of TRT1, Kuruluş Osman, became famous with this series.

Burak Özçivit, who came to the screen with the second season of Kuruluş Osman, draws attention with his effective performance. The handsome actor, who also actively uses social media, is also on the agenda with his posts from time to time.

Burak Özçivit’s latest Instagram post received full marks from his fans. The actor, who shared his photos from different angles one after the other, seemed to prove that he was handsome from every angle.

The actor’s posts, which attract attention with his messy hair and natural state, received thousands of likes and comments in a short time on his Instagram account, which has 20.1 million followers.

The actor, who has a happy relationship with his colleague Fahriye Evcen, makes a name for himself with his stable stance both in his business and private life. The famous actor explained the importance of success with these words in an interview he gave recently.

“Success is so important to all of us that everyone strives to be successful for himself. Because success is our biggest motivation. It connects us all to life and enables us to achieve something… That’s why being successful in life, being successful in family relationships, in friendships, when you wear it makes people very happy. I think success is very important for all of us.”

Talking about his son Karan, the actor mentioned that he put his son to sleep in the evenings after returning home from the set, and said, “When I say Yıldız, Karan comes to mind lately. Because I put him to sleep after he comes home from work. The only thing that puts the gentleman to sleep are the stars. He does not sleep without seeing the stars. We take him out to the garden and he sleeps by seeing the stars.”

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