I'm shooting my own fairy tale! The Gül Masalı has a different meaning for Gülper Özdemir!
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29 September 2022 16:53


I’m shooting my own fairy tale! The Gül Masalı has a different meaning for Gülper Özdemir!

The Gül Masalı (Rose Tale) series meets the audience on the ATV screen on Sunday evenings, and the popularity of the series, which seems to have received good ratings, boosted the morale of the team. The Gül Masalı series, which achieved a great success as the second in the category of all people with its second episode, came to the fore as an effective love story of the summer period.

The series, starring Gülper Özdemir and Erdem Kaynarca, tells the great love of Gonca and Toprak characters. Of course, this love will not come easy, but their hearts are determined to overcome all obstacles to reunite with each other.

Gülper Özdemir returned to the sets after the two seasons of Kıbrıs Zafere Doğru (Cyprus Victory Towards) TV series. The actress, who was also admired for her performance in the lead role, also drew attention with her words “I am shooting my own fairy tale”.

It is a good coincidence, according to the actress, that the phrase Gül (Rose) is mentioned in her name and that the series is the Gül Masalı (Rose Tale). Gülper Özdemir spoke as follows on this subject:

“Yes, it’s a really nice coincidence. My boyfriend’s friends called Mehmet. Wondering if Aunt is shooting a drama for herself… It’s a good coincidence, I’m shooting my own fairy tale.”

Gonca character is a woman who works in a plaza in Istanbul before going to Isparta, which is famous for its rose gardens. Gonca, who is in an ordinary life, changes her happy and calm life by going to Isparta.

Erdem Kaynarca, who plays the character of Toprak, draws attention to the fairy tale story of the series and states that when he first saw Gonca, Toprak fell in love with her.

Erdem Kaynarca, “This is love at first sight, even beyond. I think it’s like magic, something like magic, something that happens between them. “I think it’s a rare thing in real life,” he said.

The magical atmosphere, which started with the encounters of Gonca and Toprak, shows that the Gül Masalı series will also be a production that stands out as a strong love story.

The fact that the ratings of the series are also good shows that the project is liked by the audience.

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