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6 July 2022 04:33


In Kardeşlerim series, everyone is now locked in one thing!

ATV’s most popular record-breaking series, Kardeşlerim, lost its first place on Saturday evening this season to Gönül Dağı. The reason for this was cited as the change in the story of the series. While the young characters became a couple one by one in the series, Kardeşlerim, the audience now focused on one thing.

Even though the ratings have dropped a little this year, Kardeşlerim series continues successfully. Especially the young actors and young characters of the series manage to catch the audience. A new one has been added to the very popular couple of Asiye and Doruk, Melisa and Kadir in the series.

The new couple Aybike and Berk… The audience loved the yet-unconfessed love between the characters of Aybike, played by Melis Minkari, and Berk, played by Recep Usta. Aybike and Berk, who could not admit their relationship to the people around them, is now the only point where the audience of the series Kardeşlerim is locked.

A very remarkable sharing was made from the social media account of the series about the relationship between Aybike and Berk. “Same question on the minds❗When will Aybike and Berk confess their love?” In the image of the post made with the following sentence, a tick was placed next to the items “Became friends”, “Liked”, “Feelings were expressed”, “Love has begun”, respectively. However, there was a cross next to the item “Confessed to everyone”.

Now, the viewers of Kardeşlerim series are waiting with great excitement when Aybike and Berk will confess their relationship to their friends. Stormy days await Aybike and Berk.

In the meantime, it is stated that the decrease in the ratings of the series is the changes made in the scenario. According to the audience, Kardeşlerim series is now a series full of intrigue rather than drama. This situation did not please the fans of the series. The audience, who thought that especially young people were focused on their relationships, started to find this situation boring.

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