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4 July 2022 07:58


The background of the Destan series, 3 male actors got very close to each other!

Burak Berkay Akgül is one of the successful names in the series Destan (Epic)… The actor, who made an effective debut with the character of Rüzgar in the TV series Maria ile Mustafa, published in 2020, made good use of the opportunity he found in his first series.

Burak Berkay Akgül also took part in the TV series Kahraman Babam (My Hero Father). The actor, whom we watched as Kaya Tegin in the ATV series called Destan this season, also got an important chance by taking part in successful productions in the last 2 years of his career.

Burak Berkay Akgül, who showed himself by making good use of this chance, talked about what happened behind the scenes of the Destan series set.

Kaya, one of the smartest and best planners of the story, was raised by his mother with particularly high ambitions. The actor said, “The way Kaya can get love from other people is to be at the top. He thinks that then he can reach everyone and that someone will respect and love him. Because he was brought up like this, he doesn’t express some of his human feelings too much. He feels that when he hits it, it makes him look weak.”

When asked about the names he got along with best on the set of the Destan series, the young actor said that they got along very well with Burak Tozkoparan and Edip Tepeli, and stated that they were always together on the set.

Burak Berkay Akgül made the following statement: “As three brothers, we spent a lot of time with Burak and Edip at the very beginning… Every scene we had was together in the throne room, we were together outside the set. Their place is very different. As brothers, we formed another bond with them. Because even though we’re all opposites on stage, outside of the set, it’s the opposite.”

Explaining that he sometimes made jokes on the set and scared Selim Bayraktar, who was in the lead role, from time to time, the young actor stated that they got along well with the master actor.

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