Series News In the Kızılcık Şerbeti series, Fatih will do such things that Doğukan Güngör is thinking about how he will sting!

In the Kızılcık Şerbeti series, Fatih will do such things that Doğukan Güngör is thinking about how he will sting!


Due to the five-week suspension of broadcasting given by the Radio and Television Supreme Council for the last two weeks, new episodes did not meet with the audience. However, after Show TV’s objection, the decision to stay the execution was taken from the court, a new episode will be broadcast on Friday evening.

The 23rd new episode of the series will take its place on the screen on Friday, April 28. Explaining that they took a break from the set for 4 days due to the holiday holiday, Doğukan Güngör realized that the citizens on the street embraced the series so much in that process.

Explaining that they could not realize how intense the attention of the audience was because they were on the set 5-6 days a week, the actor said, “When I left the set because it was a mess, and came to the holiday period, I could see the demand outside more clearly during the 4-day vacation. Since we are on the set 5-6 days a week, people are not aware of such high performance.”

Answering the questions of reporters at the premiere of a children’s movie he attended, the actor also stated that they had a great time on the set and that everyone was concentrating on their work.

In the Kızılcık Şerbeti series, Fatih will do such things that Doğukan Güngör is thinking about how he will sting! 7

Doğukan Güngör also made an interesting statement and gave a tip that the character of Fatih, whom he portrayed, would take steps that would make the audience very angry in the story.

The actor said: “It would be good if Fatih could go out in a week or two, it would be good if even I could go out as Doğukan. Our story is beautiful, the characters have deformations. I play a man with obvious habits. That’s why I’m happy.”

Doğukan Güngör did not give any details about the development of the story apart from these words, but it was understood that Fatih’s character would anger the audience with what he would do in the series.

Explaining that the decision to stay the execution from the court as a result of Show TV’s objections made the entire set team happy, the actor also thanked the audience and said:

“I learned that the ban on Kızılcık Şerbeti has been lifted. We were very happy about that on set. I’m on good terms with my partner and co-stars. We’re all really good friends, mentally, spiritually. It is going to good places with the collective work of our screenwriter, director and all of us. I also thank the audience, they trust. Because the duration of the series is very long, 2 and a half hours, but I see that they watch it without missing a moment. In this sense, I thank you very much.”

Describing his portrayal of Fatih as a bad guy, the actor said that he was also very curious about the story of Kızılcık Şerbeti. Explaining that he is trying to evaluate Fatih as someone who looks from the outside, Doğukan Güngör said, “I’m playing a bad character, but I’m watching because I’m really curious, not because I’m in the story. I can also look at myself from the outside, which is positive for me.”

Expressing that he received very different comments from the citizens about the character and that the character of Fatih has interesting aspects, the actor added that everyone knows that he plays the role given in the series and that he is a very different person.