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12 August 2022 16:15


In the Mahkum series, the screenwriters sent a message to the audience!

The Mahkum series continues with all its excitement on the Fox TV screen. There is a large fan base that is imprisoned by the story of the series, which aired on Thursday evenings. The message of the screenwriters to this audience, who awaits the new episode with great excitement, is as follows: It’s time to rewrite the story.

Prosecutor Fırat, successfully acted by Onur Tuna, takes action to rewrite the story. With these new steps, the series is expected to appear before the audience with even more action-packed and even more exciting scenes.

There will be important developments in the 10th episode, which will be broadcast on Thursday, February 10. Barış, who has dealt a big blow to Fırat with Nazlı’s move, is now aware that he has done enough damage to destroy it. From now on, Barış will be whatever he wants. But the mysterious and scarred face continues to corner Barış. The only way to escape is to solve this man’s secret. However, he finds himself at a big crossroads when he least expects it.

Having to leave his daughter to Barış, Fırat decides to change the rules of the game. He will not be able to continue this war with his hands tied between four walls. He decides to take the first step of his grand escape plan.

Will he be successful in this plan where he will reveal his life? Here is the new trailer from the Mahkum series, which will be released on Thursday, February 10:

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