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19 August 2022 11:19


In the season finale of the Teşkilat series, there was great excitement as well as great separation.

Last night, the top of the ratings on Sunday nights, two TV series made the season finale. Kanal D series Yargı (Judgment) said goodbye to the season with its 34th episode and TRT 1’s Teşkilat (Organization) with its 48th episode. The Teşkilat made its season finale by detonating two bombs.

TRT 1’s successful TV series The Teşkilat bid farewell to its second season last night. In the season finale, the screenwriters detonated two bombs. The excitement of the audience also peaked. Now everyone is looking forward to September to see what will happen in season three.

Two things marked the season finale episode of The Teşkilat, which aired last night: Memati’s return and the explosion of the bomb. While watching the episode last night, the audience of the organization was in for a big surprise. Because the audience encountered Memati, the legendary character of the Kurtlar Vadisi (Valley of the Wolves). But of course it wasn’t Memati.

Gürkan Uygun, who plays Memati, Süleyman Çakır’s right-hand man and most loyal man in the legendary production of the Turkish TV series Kurtlar Vadisi, was already playing Yıldırım, a bad character in the Teşkilat series.

The fact that Yıldırım’s twin was called by Halit President in the trailer of the season finale released yesterday and that he resembled Memati Baş in everything, especially his speech, created great excitement in the audience. The Teşkilat viewers were very excited both because Gürkan Uygun did not leave the series and because they would watch a character very similar to Memati in the new season.

On the other hand, another event that created great excitement in the Teşkilat audience last night was the bomb scene. Whether Serdar, played by Çağlar Ertuğrul, will die as a result of the explosion caused great excitement. According to some rumors, there is a possibility that Çağlar Ertuğrul will leave the Teşkilat in the third season. Therefore, this situation brought with it a big question mark.

The Teşkilat ended the second season with the departure of many of its key actors. Nihat Altınkaya, Mesut Akusta, Ezgi Şenler, Ezgi Eyüboğlu and Tuncer Salman, who were in the staff of the Teşkilat, said goodbye to the series at the end of the second season. The Teşiklat is expected to appear before the audience with new characters and new stories in the third season.

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