Artists News In the Sipahi series, Özge Gürel is not the source of the problem, she is the victim of the screenwriter!

In the Sipahi series, Özge Gürel is not the source of the problem, she is the victim of the screenwriter!

There is a very large audience following the Sipahi series closely and wishing for this story to turn into a powerful action series. The reasons why Show TV could not find exactly what it was looking for in the Sipahi series, which is expected to make a splash, are revealed.

In the story revealed by the screenwriter, it is questioned how necessary the character of Canan is. The character of Canan, played by Özge Gürel, stands in a different place in the story and almost grins. The famous actress takes part in an action series for the first time in her career, and her fans are watching her performance with curiosity.

Özge Gürel fans are also not happy with the way the actress is positioned in the story. The screenwriter portrayed Canan as such a naive policeman that it seems funny now that Korkut Ali could not understand that she was also a government employee.

A series of fans commented on Özge Gürel and Canan’s character: “Canan alone can make the series final. Özge Gürel suits the series, but the script written does not suit her.”

The fact that the screenwriter could not position a very influential name like Özge Gürel, who has millions of fans, in the series, and that the character of Canan was not written well began to be a subject of criticism for many viewers.

In fact, criticisms are reflected on social media that some viewers are getting annoyed with the positioning of Canan’s character in the script and therefore do not want to watch it.

Even while watching the trailer, there are many viewers who stated that they lost their enthusiasm and it was thought that the team did not show a good enough presentation about the action.

As a result, the claim of Sipahi to be an action series, from the soundtrack to the lack of excitement of the trailers, is questioned through a scenario that fails to evaluate Özge Gürel’s acting skills well enough.