Artists News Information from NurgülYeşilçay’s new series

Information from NurgülYeşilçay’s new series


The actress will pull the television series again after a long time.

The name of the series was identified as Gülperi.

NurgülYeşilçay’s role in the row also emerged.

The preparations for the planned start in September are continuing.

SemaErgenekon and EylemCanpolat are preparing the series screenplay.

The story will begin the first in Gaziantep, Turkey’s southern provinces.

Actress, social media announced that you are preparing for the series.

NurgülYesilçay will give life to the character of Gülperi who is trying to survive with 3 children at a young age after her husband dies.

The life of Gülperi will go to jail and the children will be hard pressed by Bedriye, Hasan and Can.

After leaving prison, Gülperi will emigrate to Istanbul.

On the one hand, while working as an apartment officer, on the other hand working in a fashion house will save money.

Gülperi character will launch a major war of laws to take her children to her side.

The biggest support for Gülperi in this struggle will be KadirAydin, a young love lawyer whom TimuçinEsen will revive.