Injustice to the other lead actor in The Promise series!
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27 November 2022 15:57


Injustice to the other lead actor in The Promise series!

One of the popular series of Channel 7 screens is The Promise. The daily series The Promise had completed the second season. The series, which was not talked much in the first season, attracted great attention with the second season. Especially the good overseas sales of the series also made it more visible. In this process, Özge Yağız was the most visible. The other lead actor Gökberk Demirci remained in the second plan.

Özge Yağız changed her course by splitting from The Promise series. In the new season, the actress came to an agreement with the TV series Sol Yanım. Gökberk Demirci is satisfied with his location and continues with The Promise. After the separation of Özge Yağız, Gökberk Demirci became more prominent. The actor also gave an interview to the magazine Female.

The actor who made a statement about the pandemic period said, “I can say that it has increased my spirituality. My brain, my mind was emptied, renewed, purified… ”and stated that he had a positive time in this period.

The third season of The Promise series is also eagerly awaited. It is considered as a high probability that Özge Yağız is replaced by a player. However, the new season will be more difficult for Gökberk Demirci.

The actor knows this situation and mentioned the following points in his previous statement: “I am sure this is waiting for a very heavy and difficult period. I think a heavy drama is waiting for us. But on the other hand, life continues and known life is full of surprises. Let’s see what time will show… I am trying to walk successfully, correctly. As I was given the opportunity, as deemed appropriate. Yes, we will continue where we left off with Emir in Season 3. ”

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