Interesting coincidence in A Miracle
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5 October 2022 02:03


Interesting coincidence in A Miracle

The Miracle series, which meets with Fox TV viewers on Thursday nights, continues to add new ones to its successful second season shows. Learning a place in the main roles of Taner Ölmez will happen in the new episode of the series that will surprise everyone again.

Ali Vefa will do a very wrong job in his fight with Ferda and that need will affect Nazli … The issue of bringing Professor Adil home from the hospital will make Ferda and Ali run. Ferda's statement "You don't know car lists" makes Ali Vefa ambitious.

What's going on, Ali Vefa is trying to learn cars. One night, while driving with Nazli in a vehicle, they hit a man on a bicycle. And that man goes out with Nazli's father. A scene that makes us say that such a coincidence will not happen … The first images of the new episode were released, which will be broadcast on Thursday night, October 22.

Social media commented, "How coincidental it was, but a little ridiculous." One should not decide without attending the stage, but it was unwise for Ali Vefa to know Nazli's father in this way.

In the previous sections, information was given about Nazli's father drinking and beating his daughter. Now, different details about Nazli's life will emerge.

Here is the trailer for the 34th episode:

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