Artists News Interesting nicknames for Pınar Deniz!

Interesting nicknames for Pınar Deniz!


Famous actress Pınar Deniz met with her former co-star Berker Güven in youtube chat. The two actor together in the series Wounded Love. Pınar Deniz came forward with the character of Yıldız. Berker Güven performed very successfully in his first role, Aleksi.

2 years after the duo series, this time met in a live broadcast on youtube. Both participated in a live broadcast from their home due to the coronavirus outbreak. Pınar Deniz gave details on some subjects her followers did not know.

Explaining that she loves filter coffee, she is always happy to learn, the actress also explained the nicknames her friends put on for her.

Pınar Deniz said, “They call it Pinoş. Sometimes it says old. They will understand if they watch it.” She said that she was called ‘old’ because of her calm and moderate nature.

Berker Güven also supported Pınar Deniz, who explained that she is a person who loves to dance and have fun.

Berker Güven stated that he loves to go out and have fun with Pınar Deniz and this is a very good kind of entertainment.

Saying that she loves cookies very much, Pınar Deniz wants to be in the theater. But she does not think of theater at this stage, as she wants to devote special time.

Pınar Deniz, who said that she gave roses to the person she loved in the first grade of primary school but ate him, attributed her not having a lover until the university. “I did not have a relationship because of you,” Pınar Deniz smiled a lot.