Interesting offer from Oğuzhan Koç to his lover Demet Özdemir via cameras!
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3 February 2023 13:17


Interesting offer from Oğuzhan Koç to his lover Demet Özdemir via cameras!

Oğuzhan Koç, who has not met with his family for 1 year due to coronavirus, met with his family at a place and was there for the cameras at that time. The actor was very cheerful and was extremely careful because he was with his family. Koç, who started 2021 with a great surprise with his love with Demet Özdemir, experienced the joy of meeting with his parents one year later and said that they were very careful in the pandemic. The actress, who had dinner with her mother Mrs. Kıymet and her father Mr. Bahattin, did not neglect to answer the questions.

Continuing his musical studies, the actor also talked about the movie film project. Known for his musician and acting identity, Oğuzhan Koç said, “We are waiting for life to return to normal. We’re making songs. We continue our business as if nothing else. “Maybe we have the possibility of a movie, maybe we will shoot it in the summer,” he said.

Expressing that if he wants to hold concerts in the summer but cannot do so due to the pandemic, he will look at cinema or TV series projects, thus giving good news to his fans. Pointing out that it is a story he is working on, the actress said, “I am looking at whether I can make it happen. It’s not a very funny story. It’s about life. We always used to people to him, but he also gave a little hint by saying “comedy – drama”.

Reminding that İbrahim Büyükak was a guest of an episode of his new series, Some Interesting Events, Oğuzhan Koç also announced that the series on the Exxen platform will begin on June 19th.

Stating that Halit Ergenç is ill, that he is one of the best actors he has watched and that he would very much like him to act in his movie, Oğuzhan Koç also sent a message to the master actor.

“Well, would you like to play Demet Özdemir?” Answering the question “Why not”, Oğuzhan Koç left an open door for his beloved. However, he stated that they never talked about such a thing, but that anything is possible.

Oğuzhan Koç said, “We are also admire of Demet’s acting, I wish it would be great if there was such a possibility. We never talked about anything like that. Everything is fine, we are fine, ”he said.

It is not known whether Oğuzhan Koç would make an offer to his lover for the movie he wrote the story, but he also stated that he would like it very much, and he actually sent a message to Özdemir via cameras.

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