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6 July 2022 19:26


Miray Daner started singing lessons during the quarantine period!

Miray Daner, one of the most successful young actress of the last period, participated in the conversation on XoXo Digital’s Youtube channel. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the shooting of the series Respect Ercüment Çözer, in which Miray Daner starred, was postponed. The famous actress does not want to spend this period empty.

Indicating that she is trying to adapt to situations that can be done online at home, Miray Daner also explained that she took online singing lessons.

In addition, she said that she did online yoga and said, “After this process is over, how will I adapt to the outside? Hope it ends now. Our patience is now overflowing, but we have nothing to do. We will wait until the last point. ”

Adding that the first thing to do after the quarantine is to meet her sister, the young actress also stated that she missed her grandmother and friends very much, and she was looking forward to the days when she would embrace them and go around without a mask.

The young actress is also preparing online for her new project called the Respect – Ercüment Çözer Series, which will be shot for BluTV.

Miray Daner explains that reading rehearsals started online even though the project was interrupted due to quarantine, and she will be in front of the camera with Nejat İşler and Boran Kuzum in her new project.

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