İrem Helvacıoğlu spoke about the end of the 'Baş Belası' series!
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29 March 2023 09:31


İrem Helvacıoğlu spoke about the end of the ‘Baş Belası’ series!

Actress İrem Helvacıoğlu was admired for her performance in the TV series ‘Baş Belası’, which made the finale last week. The actress shared the lead role with Seçkin Özdemir in the series broadcast on ATV. The series of the duo upset the audience with the unexpected final news.

Answering Oya Çınar’s questions from Pozta Newspaper’s Sunday supplement, Sunday Post, the actress made candid statements about her business and private life. Helvacıoğlu said the following about the short screen journey of the ‘Baş Belası’ series: “I’m very relieved right now, the series is over. I came out of a very busy pace. Just one week after ‘Seni Çok Bekledim’, ‘Baş Belası’ started, so I continued working without any rest. But the story ended very neatly. I feel very relieved now.”

So, according to the actress, did ‘Baş Belası’ go to an expected finale? “It was actually an experimental job. They wanted to try something new, to see detective comedy. It would either last two or three seasons or the package would end somehow. It wasn’t thought of as a summer series, but it coincided with a somewhat unlucky period. The pandemic bans had just ended. It was a time when people didn’t watch much TV.”

The actress, who made a name for herself with the projects she took part in, said that her job is a team job and said, “It’s nice that people are next to what you’re happy with and support you. Even an occasion for pride. But we were in Trabzon when it received very high ratings at the time of ‘You Tell Black Sea’. Therefore, I did not have the opportunity to experience that spoiledness or ego. Things that will flatter you are always going on in Istanbul. Besides, I am well aware that this is a team effort and that if you remove a single link from the chain, everything will fall apart.” made the statement.

Noting that she is very stubborn and headstrong, the actress; “When I’m obsessed with something, I’ll either do it or I’ll do it. On the contrary, it is difficult to convince me, to discourage me. With my stubbornness, I can make the other person ill-fated. These parts are difficult. If I look on the bright side, my energy is always high. I am positive. I think I have good energy to the other person.” she said.

So what is İrem Helvacıoğlu’s biggest weakness? “Trying to only see the bright side of people… However, I would love to see everyone as they are. That’s why I’m so open to being manipulated. I always look for a reason and find it. And then I’ll be very disappointed when I see that that person isn’t really the person I convinced myself to be.”

İrem Helvacıoğlu, who said that she experienced the difficulties of being a woman both in her professional and private life, said, “I get incredibly aggressive at those moments. I can’t generalize this, but sometimes I come across this in my work. If the woman is in the foreground in the story, this can make the male actor very uncomfortable. Moreover, when you look at it, that person shows herself as very feminist on the outside… But he is uncomfortable taking part in the story where the woman is at the forefront.” said.

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