Is Bensu Soral the star of 'Cam Tavanlar' getting divorced?
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27 March 2023 19:02


Is Bensu Soral the star of ‘Cam Tavanlar’ getting divorced?

Bensu Soral shared the lead role with Kubilay Aka in the TV series “Cam Tavanlar”, which was broadcast on Show TV. When the series could not get the expected rating, it said goodbye to the screens with its 8th episode.

Bensu Soral is currently on the agenda with the news of the crisis she is experiencing in her marriage. The famous actress, who got married to businessman Hakan Baş in 2018, has been coming to the fore with allegations of separation recently. It was claimed that Hakan Baş, one of the couple who allegedly separated their house, had a sincere fun with the social media phenomenon Mina Ceran last night. Upon these allegations, Bensu Soral made the following statement from her social media account.

In their joint statement, the couple also pointed out that they are in a sensitive period regarding their marriage. According to the allegations; There was a crisis in the couple’s marriage because of the child. Hakan Baş, 38, who wants to be a father, shared this wish with her wife for a long time. However, the 30-year-old beautiful actress, who prioritized her career, said, “It’s too early for me, there are still things I want to do. If I become a mother now, my career will be in the background.” gave the answer.

It was claimed that the couple, who could not overcome this crisis, separated their houses. Then, Bensu Soral’s not being seen with her wife for a long time and the famous actress’s vacation with her friends further fueled the rumors of separation.

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