Is Star TV using Menajerimi Ara tactic with Ada Masalı?
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4 December 2022 04:45


Is Star TV using Menajerimi Ara tactic with Ada Masalı?

Star TV’s strategy regarding Ada Masalı series is still not understood. Ada Masalı, which started as a summer series and still stubbornly continues despite its higher rival making the final, does not give up the first place in social media despite its low ratings. This leads to suspicion that Star TV is using Menajerimi Ara tactic in Ada Masalı.

Ada Masalı, starring Ayça Ayşin Turan and Alp Navruz, started very quickly at the beginning of the summer season. Kanal D’s first episode aired on the same evening and managed to outperform Baht Oyunu in the ratings.

However, this success of Ada Masalı did not last long. Baht Oyunu, starring Cemre Baysel and Aytaç Şaşmaz, made a splash in a short time and managed to leave Ada Masalı behind in the ratings.

Ada Masalı, a summer series, made its finale when the new season started, although its ratings were not bad. However, his fiercest rival, Ada Masalı, is still broadcasting. Moreover, despite the poor rating results.

However, there is one detail: In this whole process, Ada Masalı never left the lead in the list of social media shares. The series won first place every night it was broadcast, and continues to do so. This brings to mind the strategy of Star TV for Menajerimi Ara series.

Especially with the young actors Ahsen Eroğlu and Deniz Can Aktaş, the series Menajerimi Ara never got a good result from the ratings. However, he was so successful on social media that he was breaking records. Despite the bad ratings on Star TV, my manager did not make Ara to make the final for a long time.

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