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6 July 2022 19:41


Is the day change of Star TV’s Sana Söz series the right decision?

Star TV is doing its best to attract the audience to its screen with new series in the new season. One of these series will be Sana Söz. One of the most trusted productions of the channel, Sana Söz stands out as a detective story.

The series, which also includes a lot of drama, stars Nehir Erdogan and Erkan Petekkaya in the lead roles. You will watch the struggle of the characters Elif and Ömer to reveal a murder. Elif is a television programmer, and Ömer is a policeman… Both are people who follow the path they believe in and the murder case will bring them together. It should be noted that the series, which draws attention with its story and cast, has changed the day.

The other day, Star TV announced that the TV series Sana Söz will air on Friday and the first episode will meet with the audience on October 29. Later, it was revealed that Show TV put the Aziz series on Friday evenings. This situation made it a difficult day to get ratings on Friday evenings.

The Friday competition, which also includes the TV series Kırmızı Oda, Aşk Mantık İntikam, Arka Sokaklar, and Kıbrıs Zafere Doğru, is expected to be tough. However, Star TV made a last-minute decision for the Sana Söz series and changed the day.

This change seems positive for the series, whose first episode was announced on Wednesday, November 3rd. Because there is a very fragmented structure on Friday evenings and the audience is divided into many productions. On Wednesday evenings, there are two important TV series on the screen.

Sadakatsiz and Kuruluş Osman are the series that compete for the first place and are at the top. Another important production of Wednesday is Fox TV’s new series Kanunsuz Topraklar… It is not easy to get ratings on the screen any day anymore.

However, there is a possibility that Sana Söz, which is a detective production on Wednesdays, will get good ratings among these 3 series… If the story of the series is of good quality, the audience will definitely want to follow it.

An important detective series such as Arka Sokaklar is also broadcast on Friday evenings. In other words, the situation of Sana Söz can be discussed in the face of a series that has kept such productions on Kanal D for 16 seasons.

However, if the ratings are slightly above the average on Wednesday evenings, Sana Söz can reach a situation where it can continue throughout the season. Of course, no day is easy anymore and the decision taken by Star TV will not affect the rating.

If the story of a series is very good, Kanal D series called Yargı showed on Sunday evenings that it could find a response to the audience. The story power of Sana Söz is a factor that will also reveal the audience’s interest…

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