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6 July 2022 19:57


Isabella Damla, a true star in Latin America!

There is an Elif series madness in Latin America.

The channels entered the queue to buy the Elif series!

Elif series continues to air on Channel 7 television in Turkey appreciated.

He wants to publish several channels in Latin America.

Fans of the directory are everywhere in Latin America.

Isabella Damla, perceived as a star.

The channels for the broadcast rights of the Elif series are racing between them.

In 2016, it began to be published in the daily series in Colombia.

Then he brought the Telefe to the screen in Argentina.

The series exploded in Argentina.

The Puerto Rican television company Telemundo bought.

It started broadcasting in Paraguay on Telefutura.

In Peru, there is Elif series in Latina channel.

In Chile, TVN publishes the series.

Tüurkish Channel 7’s daily series, big job.

Isabella Damla , arguably the most famous Turkish child player.



Selin Sezgin – Melek Emiroğlu
Volkan Çolpan – Kenan Emiroğlu
Isabella Damla Güvenilir – Elif Emiroğlu
Melis Cemre Çınar – Arzu Karapınar
Hasan Ballıktaş – Veysel Şimşek
Emre Kıvılcım – Selim Emiroğlu
Gülçin Tunçok – Zeynep Emiroğlu
Batuhan Soncul – Murat Şimşek
Aysegul Yalçiner – Kiraz
İlker Gürsoy – Melih Seçkiner
Zeynep Öğren – Tuğçe Emiroğlu
Esin Benim – Ipek Emiroğlu

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