Isn't there enough promotion for Hazal Kaya's new series Misafir? The audience is complaining!
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4 December 2022 04:14


Isn’t there enough promotion for Hazal Kaya’s new series Misafir? The audience is complaining!

The ambitious series of the new season, Misafir, featuring Hazal Kaya, Buğra Gülsoy and Ozan Dolunay trio, will soon meet with the audience on Fox TV screens.

The first trailer of the Misafir series was released and it was informed that it will meet with the audience on the Fox TV screen on Thursday, November 4th. When the channel’s previous series promotional activities were examined, no information was given about the broadcast date until the last moment. For Misafir, the date of November 4 was clearly stated with the first trailer.

Comments were made under the trailer, which was also published on the Instagram account of the producer company of the Misafir, Med Yapım, that there was not enough promotional work about the series.

The viewers agreed that Med Yapım did not do as much pr work for the Misafir series as it did for other series. Below the trailer of the series; There were comments such as ‘There is no poster, no set photos, you did not give a promotion, you gave a direct trailer and you announced the release date early’.

Some viewers criticized the absence of Ozan Dolunay in the trailer. Based on the line “You have no memory, you have no money, you don’t even have a name” in the series, comments were made, “There is no bard, no poster, shame on you”.

Misafir, which tells the hopeful meeting story of a young woman who had a traumatic childhood, and a man with three children, who has just lost his wife, will also be a series in which Hazal Kaya will return to the screen after a long break.

Fox TV’s famous policy of ending its low-rated series also often gets a reaction from the audience. This is of great importance in the ratings that Misafir will receive from the first episode.

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