It is clear why Osman Sınav chose Hasan Denizyaran for the Yalnız Kurt TV series!
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2 December 2022 05:32


It is clear why Osman Sınav chose Hasan Denizyaran for the Yalnız Kurt TV series!

The new series of the famous director and producer Osman Sınav, Yalnız Kurt, attracted a lot of attention. The series, the first two episodes of which were broadcast, changed the balance in the Friday competition. Besides a master player like Cihan Ünal; Important actors such as Hasan Denizyaran, Damla Colbay, Murat Han and Kürşat Alnıaçık met in this series.

Both the new series of ATV, which attracted a lot of attention with its story, and the impressive acting performances, it was a project that the fans of the series were looking for… It also showed that it was under construction.

Hasan Denizyaran, who was chosen as the male lead of the series, is not a prominent name but has taken part in some projects before… Hasan Denizyaran, who stated that he has been acting since the age of 18, has a career of 10 years. However, many TV series fans noticed Hasan Denizyaran when the Yalnız Kurt TV series started.

So why did Osman Sınav choose this young actor for such an important project? This question also remained in mind… Hasan Denizyaran, who gave information about his character, gave the answer to this question indirectly. When we look at the words of the actor who spoke to the Hürriyet newspaper, it is seen that many features of the character of Altay Kurtoğlu, which is reflected on the screen, are already in the actor.

Hasan Denizyaran, who says that playing the leading role never makes him nervous, speaks very clearly and reveals his claim with sharp expressions. In other words, the young actor demonstrates that there is a harmony between the character of Altay and his own character.

Hasan Denizyaran, the lead role of the Yalnız Kurt TV series, is very similar to the character of Altay with these personality traits!

“Does playing a lead make you nervous?” Hasan Denizyaran gave the following answer to the question: “He does not stretch at all. I try to present my role as an actor in the best way possible. After that, the editing, the editing, the appreciation of the public… Only being the lead can have a weight; working hours, working conditions. Longer periods, more tiring.”

When we look at these words of the actor, we can see that he did his job best and knew the weight of being the lead role, but was not overwhelmed by it.

Explaining that he has been acting since the age of 18, Hasan Denizyaran also believes that the character in the series does justice. The actor said, “I think I have given the character of Altay Kurtoğlu justice right now. Because, as a result, a character is formed with the explanations of the screenwriter, producer and director. I also believe that I have implemented it in the best way.

It is possible to say how Hasan Denizyaran got used to the character, added some features from himself while creating Altay, and that’s why Osman Sınav chose the young actor with such a determined stance for the lead role.

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