It is not easy for Berk Erçer to transform into Konur Alp on the set of Kuruluş Osman!
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7 December 2022 15:52


It is not easy for Berk Erçer to transform into Konur Alp on the set of Kuruluş Osman!

Famous actor Berk Erçer continues to appear with the character of Konur Alp in the TV series Kuruluş Osman (Establishment Osman). The young actor puts in a lot of effort for this character and it is not that easy to prepare for the role.

While the Kuruluş Osman series continues on its way with its third season, Berk Erçer, who returned to the sets with this series after a long break, is very pleased with the environment. The actor made various statements in the video, which revealed what happened behind the set of the series, which was broadcast on youtube.

Explaining that she put on his costume before going on the set and then switched to make-up, the actress explained that this preparation process took about 45 minutes. One of the remarkable details in Berk Erçer’s statements was that the actors were in good communication with each other during the preparation process behind the set.

Make-up is applied to both the face and hands of the actor during these preparations. The actor whose hair is also carefully prepared, is thus ready for the character of Konur Alp.

The actor said, “After wearing these, when he starts walking around the set, the signal of that turn comes from inside. You’re starting to talk,” he said.

In the video prepared during the shooting of the 95th episode, you can watch the moments when the actor transforms into a completely different person with his clothes and accessories from the video below.

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