It's not the movie Sen Yaşamaya Bak, but Aslı Enver and Kaan Urgancıoğlu were liked a lot!
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5 October 2022 12:49


It’s not the movie Sen Yaşamaya Bak, but Aslı Enver and Kaan Urgancıoğlu were liked a lot!

The movie Sen Yaşamaya Bak (meaning: You are Living), starring Aslı Enver and Kaan Urgancıoğlu, was released on Netflix yesterday. The movie was eagerly awaited, especially by the fans of Aslı Enver, who has been away from the screens for a long time, but it was a big disappointment. Viewers found the movie very cliché.

The audience, who wanted to see Aslı Enver on the screen for a long time, finally got the artist they admired yesterday. The movie starring the successful actress was released on Netflix. However, the film did not receive much positive reviews from the audience. The viewers, who found the subject of the movie too cliché, said that the only reason to watch it was Aslı Enver and Kaan Urgancıoğlu.

A viewer criticized her on social media, “I think even Aslı Enver couldn’t save this movie. It’s like it was shot with the idea of ​​’we’ve been idle for a long time, let’s make a movie at least’. Didn’t the screenwriter or the director watch the movie before it aired? Clumsy scene transitions, compulsions in the story, the illness learned 5 months before death remain?”

Another viewer responded, “I finished the movie in 20 minutes. I think it’s worth watching. I like the actors, but the very very simple and mediocre scenario did not pass any emotion. The well-know child actor is mind-blowing.”

A viewer drew attention to the harmony of Aslı Enver and Kaan Urgancıoğlu, but said, “The film had a lot of shortcomings, I could hardly make it to the end. Aslı-Kaan’s harmony is very good, but even they did not save it, the transition scenes were very clumsy and it was like a movie that was shot with the logic of cliché always holds”

You can read some of the comments made on social media about the movie below.

In the romantic movie, Aslı Enver plays a single mother named Melisa who learns that she is living the last days of her life due to a relentless illness.

While Melisa is looking for a reliable mother to entrust her son after she dies in the last days of her life, she comes across the character of Fırat, played by Kaan Urgancıoğlu. Melisa encounters a stormy romance while looking for a new mother for her son.

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