It's time to ask for an account in the Üç Kuruş series!
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26 November 2022 18:39


It’s time to ask for an account in the Üç Kuruş series!

The new episode introduction of the TV show Üç Kuruş, signed by Ay Yapım, has been released. In the promotion, which draws attention to the moments when Kartal and Efe fight, the two of them laughing and hitting each other confuses them.

Hearing from the police that Kartal went to Nesrin’s grave, Neriman’s uneasiness creates a question mark in mind, and Kartal asks his father for an account. Kartal’s “Where is Ferhan?” Oktay’s answer to the question is eagerly awaited.

Destroyed by İrfan’s message, Kartal barely comes to the wedding with Efe’s support. While trying to prove that he was not destroyed by friend or foe at his wedding, he is also heartbroken. While Efe thinks that he has recovered Kartal, he disperses after the blow he received from Leyla at the wedding.

Kartal, whose weak side is revealed when İrfan, whom he calls his brother, pierces his common wounds, gets a new enemy when he receives another wound from the most unexpected place. The circle around İrfan is getting narrower. When he comes across a murder he thought he was covering up, İrfan is forced to reveal his most intimate secret.

Sinan Öztürk is the director of the series, whose script is written by Damla Serim, Murat Uyurkulak and Eset Akçilad.

The cast of ‘Üç Kuruş’ includes the following names: Uraz Kaygılaroğlu, Ekin Koç, Diren Polatoğulları, Nesrin Cavadzade, Aslıhan Malbora, Nursel Köse, Civan Canova, Zafer Algöz, Mustafa Kırantepe, Uğur Yıldıran, Umutcan Ütebay, Damla Makar, Melissa Yıldırımer, Aytaç Uşun, Süreyya Kilimci, Cenk Kangöz, Alişan Uğur, Burak Altay, Muttalip Müjdeci, Asena Girişken, Tuğçe Yolcu, Emrullah Çakay, Goncagül Sunar, Cüneyt Yalaz, Canan Atalay, Aylin Engör, Volkan Kıran, Özkan Özipek, Ömer Çobanoğlu, Ömer Civan Seth.

Üç Kuruş is on Show TV at 20.00 on Monday evening with its new episode!

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