It's time to say goodbye in My Home My Destiny
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4 October 2022 10:02


It’s time to say goodbye in My Home My Destiny

Continuing to meet with the audience on Wednesday evenings on tv8 screens, My Home My Destin continues to attract the attention of a wide audience with its strong story and successful acting. The decision for the series, which did not air a new episode this week, stunned everyone.

İbrahim Çelikkol, who has been on the great journey since the very beginning of the series with Demet Özdemir and who has left his mark on the screen with his character, says goodbye to the series … The reason for this farewell is that the role of the character of Mahdi will end in the series … By highlighting the character of peace, he had already revealed his intentions.

The first trailer was released in the 37th episode of My Home My Destiny. Fans who could not follow the series last week began to experience the excitement of the new episode. There is also a sad farewell of the fans to the character of Mehdi … Stating that Çelikkol performed a great acting and that the role was well deserved, the fans reflect their gratitude to their posts. Çelikkol made the character of Mehdi believable by showing a really good acting.

It was unfortunate for the series that the character took on a mafiatic identity in recent weeks. Mehdi, who is a character almost spent by the screenwriters, has gone through such a big change from where he started to where he is now that it must be difficult to find a personality that could undergo such change in real life. However, this is the point where the screenwriters bring the character …

Now a sad farewell will be made to the Mehdi. Mehdi, who jumps in front of him so that the bullets do not touch Zeynep and the baby, will remain as an unfinished character in the minds of the audience. İbrahim Çelikkol, the leading actor in the 37th episode of the series, will take his place for the last time. You can watch the trailer below.

After that, the series My Home My Destiny will walk through the Barış and Zeynep duo. Engin Öztürk and Demet Özdemir have achieved a good harmony and let’s see how much they will be able to carry the series and get the approval of the 3rd season?

Here is the second trailer of the 37th episode of the series My Home My Destiny, which will be broadcast on Wednesday, March 31. Erkan Petekkaya, Sadi of the Red Room, participated in the series in the last episode. This week the role continues and will cause a lot of mess. Here is the 37th episode 2 trailer:

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