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24 May 2022 15:59


Kaan Sevi, Lizge Cömert and Eren Ören gave the biggest secret of the series Kardeşlerim!

Young actors of the TV series Kardeşlerim enjoyed the award! Kardeşlerim series, which is broadcast on the ATV screen, continues to receive great acclaim on Saturday evenings. The romances in the drama-laden story of the series also come to the fore and are talked about a lot on social media.

The young names of the series, which attracted great attention with both its story and its cast, also found a good environment to shine themselves. The young names of the series came together at the International Quality Awards ceremony.

At the award ceremony attended by Kaan Sevi, Lizge Cömert and Eren Ören, “Kardeşlerim” was given the “best drama series of the year” award. It was an important success for the series, which impresses with its high ratings, to win such an important award.

Lizge Cömert said, “We are very happy. It’s going great for us. We get along very well as a team. We think that this is reflected on the television as well,”.

Eren Ören thanked everyone who was deemed worthy of the award. Eren Ören, who stated that everyone in front of the camera and behind the camera contributed, said that this success came with a team effort.

Kaan Sevi, on the other hand, said, “It is very pleasing that so many tears turned into awards. We are one big family,” she said.

Explaining that everyone’s common point is the friendship behind the camera and this is reflected on the screen, Kaan Sevi added that this is the secret of success.

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