[Kaan Yildirim] very successful in his new role
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29 November 2022 10:10


[Kaan Yildirim] very successful in his new role

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Actor takes the lead role in the new Guilty of Humanity

Growing up in the streets, the actor who plays the character of punk Cemal is very successful

He, who played the character of the bad guy on the series, appreciated his performance.

The series tells what a person can sacrifice for money and power.

Actor gives life to a character that is completely opposite of the characters he has played to date.

He’s on his way to becoming the phenomenon’s villain.

Actor talked about the character.

“I live together in many provinces with Cemal. I was attracted by the fact that the character was defective. Actually, we’re all a little bit like that. Guilty of Humanity is a little revenge story. Cemal did not anticipate that his own character would face the weaknesses of his future as he pursued his revenge. It is a character that sometimes turns out to be incompatible with himself because of the traumas he’s been living in.”

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