Kadir Doğulu broke new ground by making a series of important decisions for his career!
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1 April 2023 06:40


Kadir Doğulu broke new ground by making a series of important decisions for his career!

Famous actor Kadir Doğulu founded a company called Alim Yapım. The actor, who carries out various musical activities through this company, also took steps in motion pictures. However, a series of works from Kadir Doğulu’s company did not come…

Here is a first in his professional career on behalf of the famous actor. Alim Yapım was one of the production partners of the TV series “Gecenin Ucunda”. In other words, Kadir Doğulu will have taken his first step in producing a series in this way.

So who is the lead female actor in the series? Of course Neslihan Atagül. Kadir Doğulu and his wife Neslihan Atagül are coming to sign the new series of Star TV. The series, which is expected to start broadcasting in September and adapted from Peride Celal’s novel of the same name, created great excitement.

On behalf of Kadir Doğulu, there will be a first with this series. It is not known whether the actor will take any steps on the set at the point of producing the series.

TMC Film, the producer of the series, of which Alim Yapım is a partner… Thus, the famous couple will make great efforts for the success of the series “Gecenin Ucunda”, which, in a sense, appeared as their own project.

Kadir Doğulu, who we watched in the lead role in the romantic comedy series Aşkın Tarifi last summer, is in the process of evaluating many offers that come to him. Fans are eagerly awaiting whether the actor will appear in a series for the new season.

Nesilhan Atagül’s decision to return to the sets after Sefirin Kızı has created great joy among her fans.

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