Kadir Doğulu will give the recipe of love in the new series!
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6 October 2022 13:44


Kadir Doğulu will give the recipe of love in the new series!

Preparations started for Kanal D’s new project, The Recipe of Love (Aşkın Tarifi). An agreement was reached with Kadir Doğulu as the leading actor of the series, which was produced by NTC Media. After the Beloved series, the famous actor returns to the sets again.

Preparing to give life to the character of Fırat in the series, Doğulu; “When I first read the script, the story of Fırat affected me very much. I am happy to be together with Kanal D and NTC Media in such a beautiful project. I am excitedly waiting for the shootings to begin ”and he drew attention with his statement.

It was also revealed that the work on the series had started. Doing rehearsals with the famous chef Eyüp Kemal Sevinç, Doğulu is very pleased with his condition. The famous actor also gave information about his new series with his statement.

Kadir Doğulu said: “I will give life to a chef from Gaziantep, an expert in French cuisine in the series, so we have already started the work. One of my passions was acting and the other being cooking. Thanks to this project, I met my two loves. Our audience will watch the story while watching the story in Aşkın Recipe, and on the other hand, they will witness the preparation of delicious meals. ”

He entered the kitchen with Doğulu’s Chef Eyüp Kemal Sevinç and said that there will be plenty of kitchen scenes in the series.

The actor said, “Eyüp Chef is the advisor of the series. He brought it together to remind and teach the team and me how to use the kitchen, ”he said. Kadir Doğulu is not far from the kitchen either. The series is expected to be a very important production in food culture.

Doğulu said, “I hope it too, I have no doubts. We will definitely study in detail and try to show each part of the delicious dish. “Conflicts, pans will fly in the air,” he said.

While Deniz Koloş is in the director’s chair of the series Aşkın Recipe, produced by NTC Media and produced by Mehmet Yiğit Alp, the screenplay is written by Doruk Erengül and Leyla Oter.

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