Artists News Kalp Yarası series doubled both Üç Kuruş and Yasak Elma!

Kalp Yarası series doubled both Üç Kuruş and Yasak Elma!

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On Monday evenings, Show TV’s new series Üç Kuruş also joined the competition and a very tough fight ensued. On Monday evenings, when Yasak Elma series won first place in the last 2 weeks, Kalp Yarası was the first production.

The race for the audience between these three series will continue at a great pace. In the social media, the race of the 3 series drew attention. Thousands of messages were shared for both Yasak Elma, Kalp Yarası and Üç Kuruş series throughout the day on Monday. Kalp Yarası won by a wide margin in the sharing race held by the fans of these 3 TV series on Twitter.

Despite the sponsored work for the Üç Kuruş series, around 35 thousand tweets were shared. The series managed to be at the top of the agenda for a while. However, as the broadcast time approached, the shares of the fans of Kalp Yarası series overlapped.

Nearly 70 thousand shares were shared for the popular series of the ATV screen and Kalp Yarası became the most talked about topic of the day…

Nearly 10 thousand posts were made about Yasak Elma series. Fans of the series not only go to the screen, but also continue to support their series by sharing their ideas and feelings on social media.

Kalp Yarası has been one of the most talked about series of social media in the past weeks. It appears that this situation will continue.