Kanal D does not make the Seversin series final, but what is the reason behind it?
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4 February 2023 10:07


Kanal D does not make the Seversin series final, but what is the reason behind it?

Seversin (You Like) series, which aired on Kanal D on Wednesday evenings during the summer, has been on the screen since June 1st. You can see that the series did not get very good results in the ratings, but it created a special audience for itself.

After performing dramas for many years, İlayda Alişan appeared before the audience for the first time with a romantic comedy series and gave a very successful performance. Burak Yörük, on the other hand, is acting quite well with his previous romantic comedy experience.

The fact that the duo of İlayda Alişan and Burak Yörük have known each other since they were little and they were good friends also helped the viewers on the screen to pass on their energies. Despite all these positive aspects, everyone knows that Seversin did not receive enough ratings to continue in the winter season.

So, what is the difference of Seversin series, while Kanal D showed a reflex to cancel such productions in the winter season in previous seasons? Kanal D; It also included the TV series Seversin in the promotions of the winter season, and also changed the day since the TV series O Kız (That Girl) will be broadcast on Wednesday evenings.

Seversin, who will now be on the screen on Monday evenings, has very strong opponents.

In the new season, Seversin doesn’t have much of a chance on Monday evenings against TV series such as Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple), Alparslan and Bir Küçük Gün Işığı (A Little Daylight).

However, this is not a big problem for Kanal D. Because Seversin is an internal production, that is, it is being prepared by the channel’s own production company. Therefore, the costs are very low. These low costs also reduce the channel’s expectations from the series.

As a result, it seems that there will be no serious cost for Seversin to stay on the screen until there is no serious damage and the need for a much better series arises.

If Kanal D had a higher budget, maybe they would not want to carry the Seversin series. However, since it is a series that has already created a certain audience and has a low cost, it seems that it will not be a problem for the channel to stay on the screen for a while to fill the gap on Monday evenings.

On the new day of Seversin, which includes actors such as Nergis Kumbasar, Zeynep Kankonde, Ceren Taşçı, Ozan Dağgez, Halil İbrahim Kurum, İlkin Tüfekçi, Ergül Miray Şahin, Hazal Benli, Atakan Yılmaz, Ceren Yıldırım, Elif Çapkın, Yağmur Gurur and Nihayet Şahin, on September 19th.

Seversin series will appear in front of its fans with the 17th episode on Monday evening.

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