Kerem Bürsin shared from the Maldives: Yes, I am lost!
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4 December 2022 05:21


Kerem Bürsin shared from the Maldives: Yes, I am lost!

Interesting situations started to occur after the season finale of the Sen Çal Kapımı (Love Is In The Air) series! Because Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin, who rejected their love stories at every opportunity, shared from the Maldives at the same time, it was quite confusing!

The two began to appear in front of the camera together in the romantic comedy series that started in June last year. Erçel and Bürsin, who are among the most popular young players of the last period, have been very nice to each other since the first day.

However, they have always said that there is no such situation in the face of all the associations and questions of their fans and the magazine world and they are very bored with these questions.

But the fact that they went to the Maldives together inevitably surprised everyone! First, Hande Erçel started sharing from where they went.

Hande Erçel also shared a photo of the landscape in addition to her bikini and hat poses.

Then Kerem Bürsin from the Maldives shared a landscape painting and wrote in English, “Yes, I am lost and it feels good.”

Apparently, the two players fled to the Maldives to rest after a long and tiring set process. There were rumors that the two were there at the same time.

Here is Kerem Bürsin’s latest post:

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