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23 May 2022 17:33


Kerem Bürsin was greeted with great affection at the Malaga Film Festival!

Handsome actor Kerem Bürsin continues to reap the fruits of the great success of Sen Çal Kapımı series abroad. The successful actor, who made her name known all over the world, met with his fans in Spain last Friday.

Kerem Bürsin, who attended the 25th Malaga Film Festival held between 8-27 March as the guest of honor, took part in the opening of the festival on Friday, 18 March and walked the red carpet. Hearing the handsome actor’s visit, Spanish fans attacked the festival area.

Kerem Bürsin, who has a large fan base in Spain, also found wide coverage in the Spanish press. The Malaga-based newspaper “La Opinion De Malaga” commented: “The most enthusiastic of the night was undoubtedly the revolutionary Turkish actor Kerem Bürsin. He was the celebrity who was the closest and friendliest to his fans, allowing everyone to take selfies even though he kept a distance.”

Fans of Kerem Bürsin, who showed a great flood of love at the Malaga Film Festival, welcomed the actor with He for She posters, of which he was the spokesperson. At the festival held at the José María Martín Carpena Sports Palace, some fans of Kerem Bürsin, who could not wait for his arrival, went to meet him at the airport.

The Spanish media also said, “The stars of national and international cinema, television and music such as Kerem Bürsin, Milena Smit, Luis Tosar or Pol Granch gathered on the red carpet. Turkish actor Kerem Bursin became one of the most anticipated names on the red carpet at the Malaga Festival. Statements included.

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