Series News Kerem Bürsin was impressed by the character in the series

Kerem Bürsin was impressed by the character in the series


The famous actor Kerem Bursin, arrived in Turkey in 2013 and started his career. After returning from America, the actor, who has problems with language, states that he cannot portray a character with a particular accent.

Kerem Bürsin, who explained that he could not see him even if there was an offer in some projects, said that he would not be able to portray a character with a accent. Speaking in the chat program published on Youtube, the actor was also impressed by the character of Yiğit in the series of Matter of Respect.

The actor also experienced the anger of the character in the series, published in the season 2014-2015, in his private life.

Confessing Kerem Bürsin, “I was always going home with that character. My friends were overwhelmed by me because he was an angry character. He was an anger character, I remember him. I was angry, I got angry, I had anger”.

In the Matter of Respect series, the actor, who was also affected by the scene where he lost his father, shed tears.

Kerem Bürsin, who went home and took a shower, said, “I’m in the shower, I’m crying … That excitement, of course, is important … I wore myself a little too much but it was nice.”

Expressing that the actor portrays a character and makes him live, Kerem Bürsin added that emotion is the most sincere thing.