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13 August 2022 02:19


Kerem Bürsin was selected as the Best Foreign Actor in Italy, received a movie offer in Spain

Sen Çal Kapımı (Love is in the Air) series brought the rise of Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin in the international arena surprisingly. When the romantic comedy series started as a summer drama on Fox TV, no one thought it would get to this point! Thanks to the series broadcast in 85 countries, especially the leading actors became a world-famous celebrity!

Kerem Bürsin was the best person to use this reputation that came with the series. Hande Erçel went to Italy for some interviews a while ago. The series had a huge impact in this country and also in Spain. It was discussed that Erçel was meeting with some brands and that she would make some collaborations in the coming period.

However, Kerem Bürsin uses this chance more! Kerem Bürsin went to Spain for an event, especially after the series was talked about a lot in Latin American countries.

The actor was received wildly by his fans here and was also reported in the Spanish press. Kerem Bürsin, who met the country’s beloved actor Antonia Banderas and was invited to the country again, attracted great attention in his second visit. Finally, when he went to the country for another event, this time he met with La Casa De Papel actors and Spain’s famous directors.

The actor who met Alvaro Morte, nicknamed professor, in Netflix’s La Casa De Papel series, also had some meetings here. His photos with Morte made Kerem Bürsin talk more on social media.

The actor, who gave good news when he returned to Turkey after his last visit to Spain. Stating that he had some meetings and had long conversations with Alvaro Morte, he said, “We are currently in a business as partners, we meet from there. We talked a lot about the market here and there,” he said. Expressing that they were discussing about a project and that they had an idea that they would like to transfer to the cinema, the actor did not give more details.

Stating that Turkish TV series are met with interest in Spain, the actor said, “Our TV series are talked about a lot in Spain, they are watched a lot. Therefore, thanks to this, I think there will be job opportunities between both countries. We have opportunities for people like me to do joint work. This is also important, I think. Here, too, we can represent our country in a different way.”

He stated that he is trying to learn Spanish and that he may be working on a film in the coming days.

Kerem Bürsin said, “There is an opportunity like a movie soon. That’s why I’m going to learn Spanish gradually. My concern is to be a Turkish actor here. He is more important to me. Representing our country in such things is the most important thing,” he said.

By the way, after the successful landing of the actor in Spain, good news came from Italy. Kerem Bürsin was selected as the ‘Best Foreign Actor’ in the Maria lo Esco Awards voting held in Italy.

It is seen that Kerem Bürsin is gaining more and more fame in the international arena, and he is holding new talks for new projects. It seems that these visits will continue with the shooting of new projects in the coming days.

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