Kerem Bürsin's birthday was celebrated on billboards in a country!
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4 February 2023 11:00


Kerem Bürsin’s birthday was celebrated on billboards in a country!

Kerem Bürsin is one of the most shining stars of the last period. The actor, who has strengthened his fame with the TV series Sen Çal Kapımı, is celebrating her birthday today. Fans from all over the world also surprise Kerem Bürsin. There is one of these surprises that surprised everyone.

Kerem Bürsin, with the messages shared on Twitter with the hashtag #MutluYaşlarKeremBürsin, ranks third in the world TT rankings and ranks first in 33 countries.

#MutluYaşlarKeremBürsin, which has increased very rapidly, has already reached 490 thousand units in a short time. The number of shares made with this hashtag is increasing by almost 10 thousand per hour. The aim of Kerem Bürsin’s fans is to bring the handsome actor to the first place in the world TT ranking by increasing the number of messages with this tag to 1 million.

One of the birthday celebrations for Kerem Bürsin was very special. The Mexican fans of the actor celebrated Kerem Bürsin’s birthday with a billboard in their country.

“You taught us how good it is to help people,” the Mexican fans tweeted. That’s why we wanted to celebrate his birthday in such a special way.” it was said.

This beautiful gift of Mexican fans to Kerem Bürsin was greeted with enthusiasm by his fans in other countries.

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