Artists News Kerem Bürsin’s fans make even celebrities jealous with these moves!

Kerem Bürsin’s fans make even celebrities jealous with these moves!


The return of the famous actor Kerem Bürsin to the screens with his new series Ya Çok Seversen (If you love too much) as of Thursday, July 6, was a development that made his fans very happy.

After having great success with Hande Erçel in the TV series Sen Çal Kapımı (Love is in the Air), Kerem Bürsin was not involved in a project on the television screen for 2 seasons. For this reason, the new series Ya Çok Seversen, which fans are eagerly waiting for, is of great importance.

The great interactions of the actor’s worldwide and highly active fans on social media have been talked about for a long time.

This time, fans signed an event that would make even famous names jealous. Kerem Bursin fans celebrated the 10th anniversary of the actor’s career in Times Square…

The famous actor Kerem Bürsin, who is preparing to return to the screen with Kanal D’s new series “Ya Çok Seversen”, celebrates the 10th anniversary of his career.

Fans of the beloved player added a new one to their surprises.

Kerem Bürsin’s fans in Turkey, Italy and Spain prepared a video for the 10th anniversary of the famous actor’s career and published it in Times Square.

The fans, who have posted tens of thousands of congratulatory messages on social media, continue to surprise with the surprises they have prepared for Kerem Bürsin.