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3 July 2022 21:12


Kerem Bürsin’s job is very difficult, he is shuttling between two series sets!

Famous actor Kerem Bürsin squeezed two series into 2020. The actor first partnered with Nilperi Şahinkaya in the series Aynen Aynen broadcast on Blu TV before the pandemic after Uraz Kaygılaroğlu’s departure.

The actor, who presented a different portrait to the audience with the 3rd and 4th seasons of the same series, participated in the Love Is In The Air series prepared for Fox TV screens in the summer. Kerem Bürsin, who draws attention with his harmony with Hande Erçel, has been on the agenda with her high energy since July.

While the series Love Is In The Air is on its way on Saturday evenings, the shooting of the series continues at an intense pace. Speaking to the reporters on the set, Kerem Bürsin said, “It’s going well, we’re having fun, we’re shooting well.” During this period, the actor, who had to take part in two series, stated that he took good care of him.

Kerem Bürsin said, “Aynen Aynen, it is going very well. So we catch up. I go there when I don’t work here, ”he said, saying that he was shuttling between the two knees and that the teams agreed mutually.

Stating that there are times when he gets tired due to this tempo, the actor said, “I feel tired. We are trying to take good care of ourselves, especially in such a period ”.

Reminding that the set will be holiday for the New Year, Kerem Bürsin underlined that he will spend a New Year alone at home. The player said, “We will have holiday, I am at home with my dog. “I usually stay at home on New Year, because nothing much changes for me.”

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