Kerem Bürsin's popularity tactic was different from Can Yaman's!
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28 January 2023 17:16


Kerem Bürsin’s popularity tactic was different from Can Yaman’s!

Famous actor Kerem Bürsin is one of the most talked about male actors of the last period. In the measurements made on social media, we saw that the actor outdistanced his opponents in March. After the TV series “Sen Çal Kapımı” (Love is in the Air) was broadcast in many countries, the name Kerem Bürsin came to the fore.

The fact that the famous actor established a warm dialogue with his fans during his visits to Spain impressed his fans in many countries of the world. Kerem Birsin, who met the famous Spanish actor Antonio Banderas at the festival he attended in Malaga, also started to contact many well-known people thanks to his connections in this country.

It was a remarkable development that Kerem Bürsin was invited to the party that Antonio Banderas and his wife Nicole Banderas give every year for their friends. Kerem Bürsin, who went to Spain the previous day, met with the couple Antonio and Nicola Banderas.

This tactic of Kerem Bürsin, who furthered his friendships in Spain in this way and started to open up a great space for himself by meeting new people in the environments he attended, works.

If you pay attention to the steps that Can Yaman took after the popularity of the Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird) series in the previous years, it can be seen that Kerem Bürsin is trying to gain awareness with a slightly different strategy.

Can Yaman went to Italy and participated in various projects in this country. He starred in commercials, and also began to have a love affair with the Italian beautiful Diletta Leotta, so he was constantly on the agenda of the magazine. Can Yaman, who increased his awareness in the media by taking part in the series agreements and shootings he made afterwards, expanded his fan base in a short time.

Kerem Bürsin, on the other hand, continues to come to the fore by meeting famous names and establishing good friendships with them in his journey to fame that he started with Sen Çal Kapımı.

Expressing his admiration for Antonio Banderas at every opportunity, the actor finally met him and established a friendly atmosphere.

Like Can Yaman, Kerem Bürsin continues to take important steps for international recognition.

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