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19 August 2022 22:13


Kerem Bürsin’s Sen Çal Kapımı series confession came! He didn’t want to shoot that scene!

Kerem Bürsin, who was born in Istanbul in 1987, studied acting in America and tried his luck by coming to Turkey in 2012. The actor, who also attracted great attention with the character of Kerem in the TV series Güneşi Beklerken (Waiting for the Sun), has remained on the agenda with different roles since then.

The actor, who most recently took the lead role in the TV series “Sen Çal Kapımı” (Love is in the Air) with Hande Erçel, is also on the agenda with his movie called Eflatun, which he shot last year. Kerem Bürsin, who is waiting for the release of the movie in which he starred with İrem Helvacıoğlu, is also examining the proposals for new projects.

The actor who is expected to share the lead role with Pınar Deniz in a movie being prepared for Disney Plus, attracted a lot of attention with the words he said in an interview she attended. Explaining that he did not have as much enthusiasm as when he started his career in Turkey 10 years ago, Kerem Bürsin explained in the interview that he did not want to shoot a scene in the TV series Sen Çal Kapımı with these words:

“When I started 10 years ago. My character will fall into the sea in January, I will do it right away. I am willing to do anything. There was a scene like this again in my last drama. I said can anyone else do it? You pull it wide. So I don’t know my enthusiasm. I would definitely like to do the jump from building to building. Or I would like to fall out of the helicopter.”

Kerem Bürsin wants to shoot action scenes, but while he wanted to take part in all kinds of scenes at the beginning of his career, he also wants to use stunts in some scenes in this period.

The actor, who did not want to shoot the scene of swimming in a cold weather in the TV series “Sen Çal Kapımı”, said that instead he offered the director to use a widower and said that they could save this scene by shooting from a wide angle and from afar.

This confession of Kerem Bürsin about the TV series Sen Çal Kapımı, which won great success around the world, attracted attention. However, the famous actor stated that he would like to take part in action-packed productions as well, adding that he would like to take part in a production where there are scenes such as jumping from one building to another or jumping from a helicopter.

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