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4 July 2022 08:56


Korhan Herduran, who shines with his Mucize Doktor TV series, has returned to comedy again!

Young actor Korhan Herduran was born in Antalya in 1988. The actor, who has been involved in projects since 2011, was initially known for his comedy roles. However, the actor’s popularity was achieved by the character of the Güneş, which he portrayed in the Mucize Doktor (Miracle Doctor) series.

Although this character contains a sitcom in itself, it was actually a drama role and the actor showed that he can be very successful in such series as well. Korhan Erduran later had a good time with the character of Hulusi in the drama series called İçimizden Biri.

In the new season, Korhan Herduran, who is in the cast of the Star TV series called Ah Nerede, also appears before the audience with the theater play Surprised Me.

Returning to the comedy performance with the theater play, the actor also displays an acting that pleases the audience. Speaking to Milliyet Sanat, Korhan Herduran explained the play with these words: “We describe the contents of life by exaggerating a bit, which seems absurd to people. Maybe this sincerity and the fact that one sees himself directly there and the strangeness of what he sees entertains the audience.”

In this successful project of Selçuk Aydemir, who wrote and directed a theatrical text for the first time, we see the name Pelin Karahan in the lead role.

The beautiful actress Pelin Karahan, who took part in both a theater play and a comedy for the first time, expressed her happiness to be involved in the play, although she did not dare at first. Korhan Herduran, on the other hand, thinks that the sincerity and absurdities of the play amuse the audience.

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