Kubilay Aka has finally found the role he has been looking for for years and will be able to empathize with his father!
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28 January 2023 23:47


Kubilay Aka has finally found the role he has been looking for for years and will be able to empathize with his father!

It has been about 6 years since the famous actor Kubilay Aka attracted attention with his performance in the TV series Vatanım Sensin. In this process, the actor, who developed himself by taking part in one project after another, achieved great popularity, especially with the character of Celasun in the Çukur (The Pit) series.

You will watch Kubilay Aka in the character of captain Batur in the soldier series, which will soon meet with the audience on Fox TV. The actor is very happy that she found a role that he was looking for for a long time.

The fact that he knew the inside of this world because his father was a soldier created a great opportunity for Kubilay Aka. In particular, the opportunity to empathize by living the military life of his father on the set of the series will also create a situation that will touch the life of the famous actor.

The main reason for the actor to accept this role is his father, who is now retired. Kubilay Aka, who grew up as a person familiar with the military profession and this culture, stated that the job he had been waiting for for a long time was the series Dokuz Oğuz.

The actor expressed his feelings that triggered his participation in the project with the following words: “My father is also a retired soldier. I am familiar with and admire the soldiers. For their acumen, their steely will, their love for the flag, their respect for Atatürk, their rules, their jokes, their memories of military service. This reason is actually one of the reasons why I am in this project. Apart from these, I love action, this is the area that satisfies me the most since I myself am involved in martial arts and it is a somewhat hyperactive production. When I first read about the project, I saw a job that I had been waiting for a long time and found myself.”

Kubilay Aka, who we will watch as Commander Batur, stated that they received 1 month of training for the series and said:

“For this series, we all received training for about 1 month as a whole, due to the military order, the army order and the technicality of a lot of things. Education is important for every project.”

The story, which is based on a metaphor based on the Oghuz Turks, tells the struggle of 9 heroic soldiers on the field with those who want to harm Turkey.

Kubilay Aka drew attention to this situation and said, “Each of our characters has a very deep personal story. The character I play is a character who lost his loved ones for the sake of his homeland at the very beginning of the road and has a story that is getting darker and darker.”

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