Series News Kül Masalı series claims to change the rating competition on Thursday nights!

Kül Masalı series claims to change the rating competition on Thursday nights!


TRT 1’s new series “Kül Masalı” (Ash Tale) starts its journey on Thursday evening with its first episode. There are effective productions on Thursday evenings, the broadcast day of the series, and the ratings seem to be reshaped.

As it is known, the most influential breakthrough of the recent period was made by the Kanal D series called İnci Taneleri (Pearl Grains). İnci Taneleri, in which Yılmaz Erdoğan both wrote the story and starred in, started to achieve the most successful rates of the season with double-digit ratings.

Also on Thursday evenings, led by the series İnci Taneleri, whose third episode is left behind; There are also projects such as Aldatmak, Hudutsuz Sevda, Sakla Beni.

Especially in the TV series Hudutsuz Sevda, 19 episodes have passed and the above-average ratings continue. This reveals the audience’s interest in the project. The 15th episode of Sakla Beni, one of the new TV series, is behind us and unfortunately the ratings have fallen below the average.

The ATV series called Aldatmak is in its second season and is carrying its own audience to the screen and is in a successful process by achieving average rates.

In such an environment, there is an expectation that the new TRT1 series called Kül Masalı will create a new competitive environment in the ratings.

TRT 1’s new series Kül Masalı, starring Gökhan Alkan, Sevda Erginci and Başak Gümülcinelioğlu, is on the screens with its first episode on Thursday, February 15 at 20.00.

The strong cast of Kül Masalı, which is counting the days to meet the audience on Thursday, February 15, with its mysterious story and successful cast; Successful names such as Gökhan Alkan, Sevda Erginci, Başak Gümülcineoğlu, Hülya Darcan, Ushan Çakır, Özgür Çevik, Gizem Kala and Gizem Güneş are included.

The summary of the first episode of the highly anticipated series is as follows:

Arat is the only son of the Girayli family, a well-established family in Istanbul whose lineage dates back to the palace. In Bursa, where he went for business, he met Özge Günay, who lived there. Özge is a cook. She lost her mother and father at a young age. She lives with her sister Behiye. Özge and Arat fall in love even though they come from completely different cultures and are diametrically opposed to each other.

They get married in a short time. When the very happy couple arrives at the mansion in Istanbul, Özge feels like she has hit a wall. The ghost of Arat’s ex-wife Jale seems to be right next to them. Her mother-in-law Neveser’s refusal to accept Özge and the tension in the mansion will put Özge into an inextricable vortex.

“Kül Masalı”, which takes place in a world full of intrigue from a fairytale story where love is not always what it seems, will be on TRT 1 every Thursday at 20.00 starting from February 15th…