Artists News Kül Masalı series started badly in the ratings, but Gökhan Alkan and Sevda Erginci are very assertive!

Kül Masalı series started badly in the ratings, but Gökhan Alkan and Sevda Erginci are very assertive!


A brand new series met with the audience on the TRT1 screen on Thursday evenings. The Kül Masalı (Ash Tale) series finally met with the audience with its first episode broadcast on the evening of February 15th. The first episode was introduced with a magnificent premiere, but the low ratings were also disturbing.

Also on Thursday evenings, when the Kanal D series named İnci Taneleri (Pearl Grains) literally swept the ratings; The TV series Hudutsuz Sevda, Sakla Beni and Aldatmak are also broadcast. It was a great disappointment that the Kül Masalı project received very low ratings.

The series, which ranked 25th in the all-person category, finished the day in 21st place in the AB group. We should point out that the Kül Masalı series ranked 23rd in the ABC1 category and the ratings were much lower than expected.

However, the leading actors Gökhan Alkan, Sevda Erginci and Başak Gümülcinelioğlu, who spoke at the premiere of the series, seem quite assertive.

Making a statement to the press before the screening of the first episode of the series, actress Sevda Erginci stated that they were telling a modern Cinderella story and said:

“A Cinderella story where all the characters are more realistic and flawed. Özge embarks on a difficult life in Istanbul for the man she fell in love with because of her struggle for her brother and herself in Bursa.”

Actor Gökhan Alkan, talking about his own character and referring to the audience, said the following:

“I play a character that will show and tell us that loving someone is not about reason or logic, it is from the heart and from the heart and that we cannot calculate it. A story where everyone is real. I hope we will experience a long journey with our audience.”

Actress Başak Gümülcinelioğlu said that in addition to a love story, they have created a work in which the audience can blend a plot with the past, future and present in each episode. Gümülcinelioğlu pointed out that the audience expects a series where the characters are not clearly good or bad, and said:

“This is actually a business where everyone has real problems, questions, and real intentions and loves. Therefore, while each character loves herself very much, we also have a story in which we give everyone the right. We start today. “We really want them to accompany us on this journey.”

“Kül Masalı” with its second episode on Thursday, February 22 at 20.00 on TRT 1.